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The main function of this office management system software is to organize and control every task in your office very systematically. It helps to direct and lead people to achieve a set objective, in benefit of your company. With Mero Office you can achieve any goal easily, and have a clear view of any office related information. 
The Best Office Management System Software in Nepal, Mero Office includes also some other useful features like,Employee Management Systems such as: Meeting schedules per employee with reporting system, Project assignment and follow up, Daily reporting system for staff and a Leave notice system.
The perfect solution for any type of office, for a perfect stability in staff management ! Mero office is an combination of cheapest cost + great quality.
Features of Mero Office:
  • Client Management
  • Add/Edit Users
  • Public Notices
  • Add/Edit Profiles
  • Add/Edit Service Countries/ Services
  • Manage Profile wise Service
  • Manage meeting details
  • Manage error blocks on the basis of country
  • Manage Daily queries
  • Assign Daily Queries to users
  • Add discussions on daily queries by assigned users
  • My note feature
  • Daily report posting for other staffs eg. admistration
  • Attendance system for staffs
  • Profile service report (country wise, date wise)
  • Daily query report
  • Daily Report
  • Birthday reminders of profiles
  • Attendance Report
  • Daily query n discussion report email system
  • Daily report email system
  • Monthly error block report in email

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